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Options and Accessories

Customize your Kubota RTV for optimum performance with
our wide selection of accessories.
Canopy Options
Front Grille Guard
High Mount AIr-Cleaner
Lift Kit
A variety of different roof
options (metal or plastic) for
all RTV models is available to
keep you protected from sun
and rain.
(standard on some models)
Pressed from heavy gauge
steel, our front guard offers
incredible protection.
(standard on some models)
The 5" air cleaner comes with
a pre-cleaner and has been
raised so that it is protected
from the dust and dirt caused
by heavy work.
This Zinc-Plated lift kit will
add 2" of ground clearance
to the RTV900 or RTV1100.
Run Flat Tyres
Turbo Kit
Alloy Wheels
Bed Liner
These heavy duty runflat tyres
add 1" ground clearance and
give more traction while being
nearly undestroyable.
Increase the power of your
diesel RTV by up to 50%. This
kit will make your RTV a
workhorse without adverse
affects on the power train.
The Alloy wheels add style
and class to the RTV900 &
RTV1100 models.
Protect your bed surface and
cargo with our no-slip durable
bed liner from extra thick
flexible rubber.
Front Accessory Box
Front Mud Guards
Heavy Duty Springs
Gives you added storage
under hood for tools, supplies
or other equipment.
Keeps your vehicle looking
neater by preventing mud
from splashing onto the body.
Required when fitting cabs
and heavy attachments to
smooth out the ride.
Pre-Loaded Dtruts combined
with Heavy Duty Springs
for easy installation.
Head Rest
Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit
Front Work Light
Providing ample storage
space, it'll let you store more
than just a pair gloves.
Padded Head Rest lets you
cruise along in more comfort.
Includes one headrest.
For easy dumping, add a
hydraulic bed lift to your
(standard on some models)
Mount a pair of our
powerful front work lights
on your RTV900. Same
kit as our rear work
lights. Includes two.
Rear View Mirror
Backup Alarm
Turn Signal / Hazard Kit
Mount a rear view mirror
to the post of your RTV
to keep and eye on what
is behind you.
Automatically activated
Beeper emits a loud beeping
sound when the RTV is
put in reverse
Dash-mounted speedometer
lets you know how fast you
are going when you put the
pedal to the metal.
Add this kit to your RTV and
take safety to a higher level.
Front signals mount to front
grill guard or ROPS.
Rear Work Light
Different heavy duty winches
are available with heaps of
pull to take on big jobs.
Mount a pair of our
powerful rear work lights
on your RTV900. Same
kit as our front work
lights. Includes two.