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Compact Excavators
1.7 - 3.6t zero swing

Kubota's zero-tail swing compact excavators give you
the performance and efficiency you need in tight spaces. The Kubota U series – the right choice.

17.0hp (12.7kW) @ 2300rpm
898cc capacity
19 litre fuel tank
Kubota D1105-E3
20.9hp (15.6kW) @ 2400rpm
1123cc capacity
28 litre fuel tank
Kubota D1703-M-E3
29.6hp (22.1kW) @ 2250rpm
1647cc capacity
40 litre fuel tank
17.3 l/m x 2 piston pump
10.4 l/m x 1 gear pump
27.7 l/m auxiliary flow
1550kg bucket breakout force
870kg arm breakout force
28.8 l/m x 2
19.2 l/m x 1
48.0 l/m auxiliary flow
2320kg bucket breakout force
1245kg arm breakout force
39.1 l/m x 2
20.7 l/m x 1
39.1 l/m auxiliary flow left
3809kg bucket breakout force
1915kg arm breakout force
Drive System
2.1km/h max speed low
4.1km/h max speed high
2207kg max drawbar pull
1230mm tumbler distance
1585mm crawler length
230mm shoe width
0.27kg/cm2 ground pressure
2.5km/h max speed low
4.5km/h max speed high
3060kg max drawbar pull
1560mm tumbler distance
2000mm crawler length
300mm shoe width
0.23kg/cm2 ground pressure
3.0km/h max speed low
4.6km/h max speed high
2766kg max traction force low
1665mm tumbler distance
2100mm crawler length
300mm shoe width
0.334kg/cm2 ground pressure
0.343kg/ cm2 with A/C cabin
steel tracks optional
Swing System
9.1 rpm unit swing speed
65 degree right angle swing
58 degree left angle swing
9.8 rpm unit swing speed
75 degree right angle swing
55 degree left angle swing
8.9 rpm unit swing speed
70 degree right angle swing
50 degree left angle swing
1240 / 990 mm wide
260mm high
280mm max. lift above ground
190mm max drop below ground
1500mm wide
300mm high
360mm max. lift above ground
320mm max drop below ground

1700mm wide
335mm high
370mm max. lift above ground
370mm max drop below ground
angle blade optional
weight ROPS 1730kg

ground clearance 150mm
width 1240 / 990mm
length 3545mm
overall height ROPS 2340mm
weight ROPS 2550kg

ground clearance 285mm
width 1500mm
length 4150mm
overall height ROPS 2420mm
weight ROPS 3640kg
weight CAB 8740kg
ground clearance 290mm
width 1700mm
length 4695mm
overall height 2440mm

Kubota Class II Excavators 2-4t