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50% reduction in fungus with 40% less chemicals
Compared to a standard hydraulic boom spray

The Microburst system has produced results never before achieved in control of red spider mite, fungus, moths and caterpillars. Spray volumes reduced to the levels that the savings in chemicals have paid for the sprayer.

Venturimiser Movie Download

Down Draft Effect
The Microburst Sprayer works efficiently by creating a down draft effect. The spray is directed exactly where you want it go. A high volume air (not high speed high) gently turns the foliage in a tumbling manner for complete coverage and minimizes waste.

  • Fold-up legs under the tank
  • Tank is close to the tractor for smaller, lighter tractors
  • 2 speed fan at over 4,000 rpm requiring only 38hp
  • Powder coated frame an self lubricating wear pads
  • Light spraying pressure of 40psi
  • Alloy booms with hydraulic fold and hydraulic height control

The computer spray controller is the TISCA Microburst controller which is option 1 and is the most common used. This allows for the total control from the tractor cabin with adjustments of 2.46Ltr - 2.000Ltr per acre.
This unit also has the provision to operate a front tank pump with agitation and transfer capability

Now available:
Beneath the Microburst 1000 we offer smaller units with a choice of various tank sizes, pumps and fans. Get the configuration that perfectly suits your purpose.
All the benefits of the extra features offered by the Venturimiser 1000 are of course also available for every size Microburst sprayer.

Specifications Microburst 1000 Microburst 400/600

Main Tank
1000 Ltr 400 or 600 Ltr
Flush Tank 75 Ltr -
Clean Water Tank 25 Ltr 20 Ltr
Pump Imovelli 130Ltr/Min 50Ltr/Min
Booms up to 8m up to 8m
Controls full computer controlled manual 3 section boom, cable operated
Fan Turbine, 2 speed Turbine, 2 speed
Quick Hitch Standard Cat 2 Cat 1
PTO Series 6 Series 4