Tecnoma Sprayers

Since 1959, after winning a competition to mechanise Moet et Chandon’s vineyard, Tecnoma has revolutionised spraying technology. In 1960, the first factory was established and began the mass production of sprayers.

Tecnoma is a specialist in the protection of all crops with a complete range of sprayers. Because agriculture is a complex business that involves total and ongoing dedication, we pride ourselves on sophisticated design solutions that make your life easier while improving productivity and profitability. We are part of the Exel Industries brand, a company ingrained in the agricultural world with such brands as HolmerHardi Sprayers AustraliaAgrifac MachineryApache Sprayers Australia and Sames Kremlin spraying technologies. You could probably gather by now, our knowledge of sprayers and agricultural equipment is pretty extensive.

Nothing is left to chance in the design of Tecnoma’s sprayers. Tecnoma are specialists in plastics and injections: all tanks, incorporators, nozzles, fittings and many other components are manufactured in the Epernay (France) plant.

TISCA are an Australian agent for Tecnoma sprayers and their spare parts. We currently have a large volume of sprayer parts in stock. If a part you require isn’t in stock, we can order direct from the manufacturer and have your parts to you in no time.

By choosing Tecnoma you are not only buying a machine, you are thinking about the long term future of your farm …

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