TYM T503 HST Cabin Utility Tractor

T503 51hp continuously-variable Hydrostatic transmission 4WD tractor with air-conditioned cabin




Perkins Engine
  • Powered by 50hp Perkins naturally aspirated 4 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine
  • Perkins Diesel is a global engine manufacturer of quality, giving you the confidence in reliability and after-sales support
  • Engine certified to meet the stringent Tier III engine and noise emission standards
Load sensing control
  • Load sensing control prevents engine from stalling during heavy loads
  • Cruise control with increase/decrease button
  • 2216cc engine with 142.7Nm of torque at 1800rpm
  • A generous engine capacity of 2216cc, resulting in high torque for serious work
  • Dual dry element air cleaner for Australia’s dusty conditions
  • A large capacity 60 litre fuel tank for many working hours between refuelling


T503 Transmission T503 Transmission
  • The tractor weight of 1710kg (ROPS version) is a reflection of the heavy duty transmission, driveline and axles. The tractor weight is in part, a result of the heavy front axle, which is important for a tractor fitted with a front end loader as substantial loads are applied during loader operation
  • See optional front end loader for details
TYM T503 HST Pedals
  • Three (3) range Hydrostatic transmission gives infinitely variable driving speed from stationary to 26 km/h in forward or reverse direction
  • Hydrostatic drive controlled by Independent Forward and Reverse pedals for easy simple operation
  • Ergonomic side by side foot control reduces fatigue and errors
  • Mode sensitivity switch allows the operator to change HST pedal response time through 3 different modes
TYM T503 Front Axle
  • The heavy duty front axle performs in tough working conditions and handles loads with ease
  • A long wheel base and wide stance increases stability in all conditions
TYM T503 Manual Diff Lock
  • Rear axle with diff-lock for difficult traction situations
  • 4WD and the diff -lock provides better traction, control and performance
  • 4WD mode is controlled by a lever on the left hand side of the operator
TYM T503 Turning Brakes
  • Inboard wet disc brakes can be split for independent left and right side braking to assist turning in tight situations


TYM T503 Remote Controls
  • Control for the linkage and hydraulic remotes are on the right-hand side
  • The 3-point linkage has position and draft control
  • Draft control automatically lifts the ground engaging implement from the soil, when excessive load is experienced
  • Hydraulic remotes are ideal for the operation of log splitters, post hole augers and a wide range of implements
TYM T503 Rear
  • 2 sets of double-acting hydraulic remotes
  • Category 1 3-point linkage with 1503kg lifting capacity gives the tractor great versatility and range of applications
  • Telescopic extendable lower link arms for easy implement connections
  • The PTO driveline is a simple and direct design for high efficiency and power
  • The PTO clutch is an independent oil immersed clutch pack for long life with simple push-button operation
  • Auto-PTO function automatically disengages the PTO when the linkage is raised, and automatically reengages when lowered; a great functin that simplifies repeated row work and prevents implement damage


TYM T503 Operator Area
  • Air-conditioned cabin with sunroof and CD player
  • Ergonomic design with easy to reach controls
  • Easy to read instrument panel
  • Side mounted cabin air intake filters
  • Digital hour metre display
  • PTO On/Off Switch
  • Side opening windows
  • Front and rear windscreen washers and wipers
  • Front and rear cabin mounted working lights
TYM T503 Tiltable Steering Wheel
  • Tiltable steering wheel
T503 Joystick
  • Fully integrated joystick for control of front end loader with electric button for third function operation (when fitted)
  • See optional front end loader for details
TYM T503 Manual Floor
  • Wide distance between rear mudguard and dash panel provides easy access on and off the tractor
  • Uncluttered flat floor without trip hazards is the largest surface area in its class
  • Rubber floor mat reduces noise and provides an easy to maintain surface
TYM T503 Adjustable Suspension Seat
  • Adjustable suspension seat for comfort



TYM T503 Optinal Front End Loader
  • Level lift front-end loader ideal for materials handling and utility work around the farm or property
  • Full details & specifications on the optional front end loader


TYM T503 Rear Tyre
  • Choice of agricultural, industrial or turf tyres

Additional information





Engine Power

50hp (37kW)



Speed Ranges


Maximum Speed


PTO Speed/s


Independent Push Button PTO engagement


3-point Linkage Lift Capacity


Hydraulic Remotes

2 sets

Integrated Joystick Control for Front-end Loader


Weight (Tractor Only)


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