Our focus has always been on delivering products which recognise the rigorous needs of farmers, and we pride ourselves on having pioneered a number of innovative tools which assist farmers gain valuable improvements in farm efficiency. Today we have a wide range of innovative tools to cover all your spread, spray and measure requirements.

All of our products are thoroughly tested to national and international markets’ demanding conditions and our customers high expectations. Our products are a testimony to the depth of innovative and creative capabilities that will ensure we remain the partner of choice with farmers throughout the world.

Our product designers spend extensive time in the field gaining valuable understanding about on-farm requirements and operating conditions. Safety is a key focus when we design and manufacture our products and C-Dax is a recognised industry leader in this field, so you can be assured that your purchase is the safest on the market.

Modern farming practices demand modern farming equipment and we have a special commitment to providing those solutions to our customers. Our range of C-Dax and Goldline sprayers and spreaders encompass our innovation philosophy. C-Dax Smart Control allows you to take control of your spreading ensuring accuracy, efficient automation, and fully traceable applications.

Providing customers with innovative, functional, and quality products has always been what we live for.

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